In the Chinese mythology, the Golden Dragon symbolizes imperial power and strength. Hence, the Chinese believe that only the most excellent and outstanding leaders are comparable to the sacred dragon leading to the saying ‘Wang Zi Cheng Long’, which denotes the hopes of the Chinese that their heir or sons will possess the qualities of a leader. Similarly, the Asia Golden Dragon Awards is only presented to individuals or organizations that have proven their worth and leadership as the backbone to the Asian economic development and acted as a pillar of support to our community in need. More Information Click Here >>



Through the Asia Golden Dragon Awards, AGDA Brands Sdn. Bhd. hopes to acknowledge the accomplishments of small, medium and large enterprises in Asia for their continuous hard work and support towards charitable causes. After being at the receiving end of various awards in developing pathways for business organizations to thrive, AGDA Brands Sdn. Bhd. recognizes the need to reward organizations that achieved business excellence.


Our vision is to provide all thriving business organizations in Asia with an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by raising the winner’s company reputation, building stronger salience and equity as well as drawing interest from potential investors through the Asia Golden Dragon Awards. Business organizations that are awarded with the Asia Golden Dragon Awards are recognized as the creme of the crop in the business sector and are well respected by all across industries for their company’s outstanding performances.